COronaVIrus Disease (COVID-19) Information

Godfrey Boyd | March 13, 2020

The COrona VIrus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) has just been declared a pandemic and, with all Australian business beginning to feel the effects there is a need for all executives to ask – have we done enough to prepare our organisations for the coming crisis. All senior Health Professionals agree that COVID-19 is around for months – so the need for a sound response is going to be an ongoing concern.

Organisations have been enacting their business continuity plans – with some already finding fault when trialling aspects of their response.

The question all executives need to be asking yourselves is are you that business? The one that fails to meet its business continuity standard endangering reputation, market position and customer engagement in a period of community and financial instability.

Capability, with 25 years’ experience working with leadership across Australian executive and boards can build that confidence. Deploying a team of specialists to cover all the operational, legal, and technical elements of your organisations COVID-19 response. Providing assurance, spotting and resolving gaps and building certainty within your organisation and stakeholders.


Useful Information

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Corporate Guidance

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