Our Story

Who We Are

Founded in 1994 by Jed Simms, we draw on 25 years of innovation to provide leading professional services to help our clients accelerate the execution of their strategy and sustain results.

We focus on execution capability; often a gap between strategy formation and product development.

Our value proposition is the acceleration of outcomes to:


Accelerate revenue growth; the largest contributor to value creation.


New business models or creation of new products or services.


Effectiveness and efficency of existing business and products/service delivery.

Many consider execution to be a greater challenge than generating ideas or preparing a strategy.
We believe that execution capability can be a competitive advantage for your business.

How We Got Here

Industry research and client needs led to three generations of innovation – governance for optimal portfolio management and sponsor/owner support, delivery for execution of transformation programs often including core platforms, and digital for automation of operations or customer services.

Our innovation has received accolades from academics and leading analysts.
Today, our services support:

Governance Teams

Board Advisory
Executive and sponsor/product owner advisory
Portfolio prioritisation and optimisation
Technology and vendor oversight

Delivery Teams

Program Management
Outcome Delivery
Operating Model Design
Business Process Simplification
Organisational Change
Product development timing and sequencing

Our Guiding Principles

All our work is fast, fact-based and differentiated by our Capability Principles

Outcomes > Outputs

Desired customer or business outcomes need to be clearly defined before the right outputs or products can be optimised.

Capability > Capacity

Execution capability development relies upon an organisational perspective, which is far more than just increasing capacity/resources.

Performance > Compliance

Enhanced business performance requires innovation and breaking away from conventional thinking. Standards, by definition, offer no competitive advantage.

Change > Products

Outcome driven programs that are governed to clear long-term plans but encourage and enable high-cadence product delivery.  Each quarter to enhance organisational adaptability and optimise the value from the portfolio.

Our Team Leaders

Our team leaders are distinguished by their repeated success through multiple organisations. Their teams are primarily composed of our clients’ staff and industry or technical specialists.


Amro’s career spans over two decades in consulting, digital & technology advisory, and assurance, helping companies set strategy and deliver complex business programs, both locally and globally.

His experience covers multiple industries, including public service, health, logistics, consumer, utilities and FIS. Amro has led over ten complex programs, with budgets up to $500M; five of these were global transformation programs, with the largest spanning teams across six continents, 50 countries and 35,000+ employees. Amro has provided assurance and consulting services for initiatives up to $11B.

Amro is passionate about helping clients and continuously learning new products, domains and industry knowledge. His breadth and depth of experience allow him to quickly grasp the strategic issues critical to delivery success, rapidly build high-performing teams and identify the capabilities required to help organisations achieve desired outcomes.

Amro holds a Master of Project Management from the University of Sydney (IT & Engineering). He is a professional member of the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineering & Computer Society, Australasian Institute of Digital Health and Certified Practicing Project Professional.

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Our Partners

Blue Ridge Partners

Blue Ridge Partners helps clients drive profitable top-line growth, the most potent driver of long-term value creation.  We serve public and private companies directly and through relationships with more than 130 leading private equity firms.

Other Specialists

We work with a variety of specialists to complement and build our clients’ teams. We understand the importance of the right skills at the right time; to get it right the first time. These typically include industry or research parties, deep functional specialists, creative agencies, business software developers, and technology resource providers.