Case Studies

Industry Sector Environment Scan and Strategic Review

Undertook a wholistic and objective industry sector environment scan for Board decision-making and CEO Leadership Team Strategy review and development.

The Horse and Dog Racing industry sector were under increasing scrutiny and pressure following-on from numerous animal welfare and integrity issues that brought the sector into question, crisis and disrepute. The Victorian segment of the sector responded with a very successful focus on animal welfare and integrity that saw public recognition of the regulatory capability shift. The Board were looking to refocus the Victorian body on an informed regulatory, participant and commercial balance. They determined that an up-to-date and comprehensive industry sector environment scan would provide them with the sector insights to inform and calibrate their upcoming strategic planning activities.

Our role and approach

Our role was to:

  • provide a broad and in-depth environment scan of the industry sector to inform the Board and CEO of longitudinal, international, national, and state dynamics.
  • Provide objective and innovative insights into the industry sector dynamics to inform (confirm and/or challenge) the existing operations and upcoming strategic directions of the organisation.
  • Understand the perspectives and capabilities of the existing Board and CEO Leadership team plans

Due to the high-level requirements of both the Board and CEO (and leadership team), two senior partners were allocated to the engagement.  Specific skills of the team included:

  • Strategy – review, needs analysis, facilitation, design and development
  • Industry Environment analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Project options, prioritisation and options analysis
  • Business Case development
  • Service reform implementation plans and roadmaps
  • Organisational capability assessment against strategy and environment
  • Process, organisational and financial review and recommendations

Our approach was to:

  • Undertake a broad and deep desktop environment scan to ensure we had a comprehensive and informed view of the industry sector and the organisation.
  • Engage with each of the Board, CEO and Leadership team members individually to develop a baseline of the individual perspectives, strengths and opportunities.
  • Brief each stakeholder group on collective findings (internal and external).
  • Facilitate Board and CEO Leadership Team workshops (individually and as a collectively) to ensure a shared and considered understanding of the environment scan findings and recommendations.

The Board refocussed and added to their strategic priorities based on the environment scan. Board and Management team composition was also reviewed to ensure organisational capabilities reflected the industry sector environment demands.

The CEO and Leadership Team engaged Capability to facilitate the review and development of their 5-year plan. This included translating the environment scan implications to strategic and operational action plans.

Importantly, the roles and relationships between Board, CEO, and the Leadership Team were clarified and refined through a shared understanding of the industry sector priorities and how they should collectively respond to them.